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This blog is about how organisations can use their people and technology to transfer key knowledge more quickly and improve results.  Having worked within the largest organisations in Australia & New Zealand for the past 10 years on continuous improvement and culture change activities, over the past two years Hunter has become more and more involved in the process of using technology to leverage knowledge on projects and in business units.

Continuous improvement, BPI, Six Sigma, Lean etc all provide great frameworks for an organisation to stream line and improve the way their people and systems operate.

However its not quite that easy, in fact its much much tougher just ask any 28 year old Black belt in Six sigma. Real change in organisations occurs when the people at the site see the benefits and are part of building, rolling out and then also improving solutions over time.

Lean Project Delivery and the use of Lean improvement techniques in organisations are one of the tool-sets that are making a huge difference in some smart Infrastructure organisations in the Asia Pacific.

This blog will give you some great ways in which to improve what your teams do, while at the same time creating knowledge sharing processes both virtual and “real”  to increase results in change programs, teams, major projects, back office or in other key production areas.

Hunter Dean

Many of Hunter’s corporate clients see increases of between 40 and 100+% improvement, in productivity, and performance.

Hunter is best summed up by some of his clients:

Over the past three years, we have worked with Hunter and HPS. We started off with a 30% increase in our submissions in the business, and have gone on to see a significant change in our leaders’ ability to coach and mentor to get results. Michael Peters – Chief Executive Officer, eChoice

A great little book that contains the “Hunter wand” that has helped our staff and managers realise their greatest potential – that as a group of people and by leveraging our own resources, they can and have achieved amazing results for themselves and for clients. Jenni Erbel – Executive Manager, Q Invest

I know what it takes to be world class. Hunter has created this through his process of mapping and replicating winners in business. As in swimming, the ability to transfer specific success techniques is essential to create the change needed in a tough economy; Hunter’s book enables you to do this. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about creating the Champion Mindset! Shelley Taylor-Smith – Seven-Time World Marathon Swimming Champion

We have worked closely with Hunter Dean across 2007 and 2008, focusing on equipping a cross-organisational team with the human performance skills needed to do three things. First, the skill to effectively Engage with their colleagues across the workforce. Second, the skill to Influence individual and collective behaviours. Third, the skill to Lead and embed change at any level of the organisation. – Paul Cristofani – Shell Oil Geelong Refinery, Head of HSSE

“Forget abstract competencies and long lists of skills. Forget deconstruction. Hunter Dean presents a novel, holistic approach: Talk the walk identify high-performers and model their behaviour to create high-performance, learning organisations.” Philip M. Burgess, Ph.D Group Managing Director, Public Policy, Communications & Corporate Affairs Telstra

With a passion for the education of youth, Hunter has worked with many organisations giving back to the community.
The sponsorship of the youngest ever Sydney to Hobart yachting team who came third in the most competitive Sydney 38’s division in 2004-05 when 50% of the fleet pulled out due to rough conditions.

His writing includes the book “Why Winners Win” and many articles on areas such as:

  • Replicating internal expertise in organisations
  • Dealing with fear and uncertainty in changing times
  • Creating accountability in organisations
  • Linking behaviour to cultural change
  • Replicating experts
  • Keeping your best people
  • High-performance cultures
  • Performance management

Author: Hunter Dean see https://www.linkedin.com/in/hunterdean/ for LinkedIn Profile

Based in Melbourne Australia


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